Woodland Tree Services

Tree Surgeon Services

Tree Felling

  • When the tree is dead, diseased, unsafe or damaging to the environment sometimes it maybe needed for it to be completely removed by an experienced team of tree surgeons. Our team is well equipped and capable to undertake the removal of trees of any size.

Tree Stump Removal

  • Tree stumps can cause major safety or pest issues and can make your garden look unattractive. Our tree surgeon team is equipped with the best modern stump grinders that can reach tricky areas and grind tree stumps down to nothing.

Tree Pruning

  • Our arborists will use tree pruning techniques to eliminate safety issues and improve the tree health. Damaged, dead or diseased branches will be removed or shortened to help prevent insect and decay organisms from entering the tree.

Tree Reductions

  • Nothing worse than a tree that is too tall or overgrown. Our tree surgeons will reduce any tree to an more useful and appealing size.