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About Landscaping

Woodland's Trees and Landscaping provide many different hard landscaping services for your home garden including paving surfaces such as paths and patios, to the construction and continued maintenance of walls and fencing.

Landscaping Services

We have a vast range of products available so we will always have something that suits your individual taste and budget.

Block Paving

Block Paving is a sturdy yet traditional surfacing material that has a wide degree of applications.

Block paving is the most common use, but patios and pathways can also make good candidates for block paving also. Woodland's Tree and Landscaping construct, repair, resand and jet wash block paved surfaces of all kinds and to an excellent standard.


Paths provide a lot of accessibility and unification to any home garden and can be constructed from a wide range of materials.

Patios provide a solid ground for socialisation and laying out furniture within your home garden.

Walls provide a solid method of dividing the bounds of your home garden. Brick walls are low maintenance and highly secure. Woodland's Tree and Landscaping can build brick walls that tie your garden together for years to come.

Fencing provides a middle ground between aesthetics, maintenance and security. Woodland's Tree and Landscaping can fit and replace modern wooden fencing with solid concrete foundations that you can be proud of.

Jet Washing

Woodland's Tree and Landscaping also provides a smooth jet washing service to clean your blocked paved driveway, path or patio back to its former glory.

Jet washing is fast and combined with sealing can last you decades before another wash is needed.

Artificial Turfing

Artificial turfing offers a pet-safe, evergreen alternative to a traditional lawn. Low maintenance and with a tonne of different styles available, you're bound to find one that suits you.

Artificial Turfing Rolls